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Hi! My name is Anna Tangen Eide and I am 17 years old. I live in Sandnes, a city that is placed in the western part of Norway. I am taking my second year in general studies at Sandnes Videregående Skole. I am not sure what I want to study later, but I would like to take a year in the Norwegian Armed Forces after finishing school. In my free time, I am engaged in the Norwegian Labour Party, Arbeiderpartiet, and their youth party, AUF. I am also in PLAN International Norway’s youth group, URO, and am representing URO in PLAN International Norway’s board. In URO, I am a youth advisor for education.

I got really passionate about the climate changes this summer, after getting the climate responsible post in AUF in Rogaland. Climate change is one of our greatest challenges, and also shows how unfair the world can be. I think that it is important that we work across national borders and reach an ambitious outcome during and after COY11 and COP21 .

To help to tackle the climate changes, I use the public transport. I also try to inform and engage others to become more environmentally friendly. At COP21 and COY11 I hope to learn a lot, meet encouraging and other engaged people and be a part of the change.

My hope for the future is that we take an international responsibility for the world and treat it in a more sustainable way. I hope we can be less dependent of the petroleum, gas and coal industry and invest in renewable industry.


My name is Karoline Petronella Ulfsdatter Schau, I am 16 years old and I come from Norway.
 I go in first grade at  a high school in Oslo, and I am currently working as an actor in a Norwegian TV-series.
 In my free time I am reading, playing guitar, singing, working with acting, hanging out with friends, being active in different organizations and engaging myself in the world.
When I am older I would like to work as an actor in Scandinavia, acting is a real passion of mine and I would be truly happy if I would be allowed to work with drama every day.
I am passionate about the issue of climate change because I mean it is one of the most problematic issues in our time, and it is something that need attention and immidiate actions. I also engage in this issue because I come from a country that has been contributing with pollution, and I mean my people should be more concious of their lifestyle and consequences of their actions. We are the people that are suffering the least from what we have been the most responsible for.
In Plan Norway I have the position as Youth advisor for Climate, environment and sustaineble development, I have been active in Plan for about a year and I have been working with the climate change and its importance through that position. I am also a part of a organization that engages youth in nature, and we are working with local issues around environment that we would want to change to the better, like in some places we would not like people to drive cars etc, and we are trying to have an impact on the norwegian gouvernment through different actions.
During my time in Paris and my participation at COY11 and COP21 I expect to meet engaged and active people who are interested in global issues. I hope to learn a lot of new things that I can bring into my work in Plan and achieve a better understanding around different topics.

My hope for the future is that we learn to live in a way that protect the world we live in, I hope that people have learned how to communicate with each other without making war and that we are more protective of each other and our globe.


Have a nice week-end!

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